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We Have Kittens Available!

Contact us to join the waiting list

Pet:     $1500 - $2000 
Show: $2500 - $3500 
Deposit : 20%

Nami & Bear's Babies
Now available

All of our breeders are DNA tested HCM and PKD negative (N/N). 

We are committed to breeding healthy, sweet, cute, lively, and active kittens. 

Vida & Bear's Babies
Sold out

Upcoming Breeding Plan

Himiko & Bear

We offer customized breeding plan.

From Chaoragdoll Parents


"She's glued to me and is so healthy! I'm so happy to have her!"

Parent 1.JPG

Deepest love grows with time. Let's grow together!

Parent 2.JPG

Happy 1st birthday!!! 

Parent 3 Dup.JPG

"Their ragdoll have the best personality! loves belly rub! The owner is being very responsible too. Highly recommend!"

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